Start to Finish

It is as simple as it sounds. I’ll sit down with you at the very beginning and go over your musical taste and style to get a feel for the project. We'll work out details such as location and time. We would then move into tracking, followed by editing, then mixing, and finally mastering. In the end, you will have a CD, MP3, or whatever form you want your music to be in.


Complex/Large Projects

A complex/large project would be anything involving a full drum kit, such as a typical five-piece band. A complex project could also be a chamber orchestra or even an individual without a band wanting full production.

$480 for one song.


$390 for each additional song.


$1,925 for 5 songs.​

Simple/Small Projects

A simple/small project would include an individual and their instrument, a couple violinists, a pianist accompanied by a flautist, a duet with a guitar, etc.

$255 for one song.


$165 for each additional song.


$860 for 5 songs.