Maybe you have tracked a couple songs on your own and would like to polish them off. Or maybe you went to a professional studio and simply need your session mixed. Whatever the scenario, I’m eager to help.

It is important to mention here that there is no substitute for having a good recording. Even the best of mixing engineers struggle to put out something pleasing to the ear when the raw recording they are working with was done sub professionally.


Simply put, quality in equals quality out.


Both you and I will be far more satisfied with the end result if the mixing project I am given starts with quality recorded audio tracks.

Complex/Large Projects

A complex/large project would be anything involving a full drum kit, such as a typical five-piece band. A complex project could also be something like a chamber orchestra. 

$140 per song.

$630 for 5 songs. (10% off)

Simple/Small Projects

A simple/small project would include an individual and their instrument, a couple violinists, a pianist accompanied by a flautist, a duet with a guitar, etc.

$100 per song.

$450 for 5 songs. (10% off)